What is Referral Generator?

“Referral Generator” is a Referral Tool that helps you making Direct Referrals for any
PTC site on Autopilot, this Tool is free to use you just have to pay a little fee to download this Tool. With this Tool you can make hundreds of Referrals in just one day Guarantee.

I got tired of renting referrals as ‘Golden’ in PTC sites and recycling daily, renewing
every month….

I tried different types of methods to get direct referrals. They include:

PTC Banners & View Ads

Traffic Exchanges

Referral Exchanges

Forum Signatures

Social Bookmarking & Networking and many more.

I got some referrals, but doing all those things manually is exhausting and very time consuming.

I then searched day and night for a reliable source for direct referrals, a source I can depend on to bring me referrals while I’m on vacation, while I sleep, while I do enjoy
my time and still make big money. I then found and developed a unique system that generates referrals for me on complete Auto-Pilot.

I got 1000s of referrals from this system. But the power of this system is not only in
getting referrals. But its ability to make them ACTIVE. What is the dream of any PTC
user? Many active direct referrals and that is what my system provides. Follow proven
strategies to increase your earnings in PTC programs. Stop investing your money on advertising your Referral links, Download this “Referral Generator” Tool now and see
the difference yourself.

Lets see some Proof of my Direct Referrals that I have made through this Tool

Why Should You Buy This Now ?

This Tool shows you step-by-step how to get tons of direct referrals for any PTC site.

If you use this Tool you will be able to make thousands of Direct Referrals for any PTC
with just one click and its Free to use.

In this Tool you will find new ways, and secret places to get direct, active referrals free
of cost.

Some Tips From The Tool:

Stop Investing on Advertising: Don’t invest your money on advertising your referral link.

Test Everything! Stop guessing! Test every method you use to get referrals and
optimize as necessary.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Effort: Don’t get yourself embarrassed asking your friends
and relatives to join PTC websites, with this tool you can get easily direct referrals, the easy way.

Only 2 minutes of Work: Then the Tool you use will work on auto-pilot.

     Dear Friends,

I know you want a simple, instant solution to get ‘Active PTC Referrals’ and I can give
you just that. And best of all, if you say yes today, you can get it for my rock bottom introductory price of just $3.

STOP earning just a few cents per day from your own clicks. Join hundreds of others
who earn BIG money doing almost nothing from their referrals!

- Anyone who’s not serious enough about Pay-to-Click methods to invest $3 into this
report isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the report anyway.

- I am fully aware that earnings from PTC sites can be very limited for many people. If I
put a high price tag on this, I would not be helping at all.

- I make my profit by putting this in the hand of everyone who needs it for this
ridiculously low price not by selling only a few copies for a hundred buck.

Finally, I want you to become a customer of mine for life. What better way than to give
you a really killer deal? That will make you much more likely to consider future products
I plan on releasing.

Just like how I generated that great number of referrals; you can do it too, using my
exact same system…


After Payment Made Check Your Email For The Download...

If for any reason you didn’t understand anything in the Tool, you can email us for further explanation. We stand behind our products and strive to present the best available info and Tools for our customers. You can also Contact us with our Live Support.